Bowed Rollers


  • breakdown of material in process
  • they prevent the formation of wrinkles and folds
  • for tensioning and smoothing the material before cutting, printing, laminating and other processes
  • they are supplied with a pair of supports, with the option of mounting on a foot or on a flange


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Detailed specifications

Banana spreader rollers are used to spread the material in the process, preventing the formation of wrinkles and folds. They are often used to tension and smooth the material before cutting, printing, laminating and other processes, or to separate individual strips of material after cutting. The cylinders are supplied with a pair of bearings, with the option of mounting on a foot or on a flange.

Depending on the parameters of the application, we supply cylinders with an antistatic or anti-abrasive rubber surface, or cylinders consisting of chrome-plated metal segments. On request, we can also supply rollers with a non-stick or other special surface. As standard, we deliver a cylinder with a fixed deflection of 1% of the total length and rotation around its axis. But there is also a cylinder with adjustable deflection using a lever or a hydraulic pump.

  • Banana rolls with a rubber surface

    They are used for spreading materials in plastic, paper, textile and other industries. The inner segments of the cylinder are coated with durable rubber that perfectly replicates the cylinder body. The rubber can be anti-static, anti-abrasive or non-stick. These cylinders are also suitable for humid environments.

  • Banana cylinders with steel chrome segments

    The surface of the cylinder consists of steel segments with a special surface treatment. The chrome layer gives the cylinder resistance to rusting, wear and high temperatures. These rollers are mainly used in high-speed applications in the paper industry, where high material pull and roller balance for a given speed are considered.

  • Banana rollers with adjustable deflection

    All banana rollers have the ability to rotate around their own axis using an adjustment wheel for storage. A specialty is rollers with adjustable deflection where, in addition to turning, the customer can determine the amount of deflection depending on the material or process they are performing. This is a very advantageous solution if you process a wide range of products or if you need to very precisely separate strips of material after cutting.

  • Dispersing spiral cylinders

    Spreading, rubberized rollers with a ground spiral are used for light spreading of plastic foils and non-woven fabrics. Under the influence of the pull of the material, the ground spiral deforms outwards from the center of the cylinder and thus prevents the material from being squeezed and the formation of wrinkles.

  • Storage of banana rollers (bearing houses)

    In addition to rotating the cylinder and changing the deflection, the storage of the banana cylinders also allows the installation on the machine itself. They are manufactured as mountings for foot or flange mounting. Standard types are available, which can be adapted to your existing installation dimensions if possible.

Technical parameters

Model AND B C ⌀D E F ⌀G H AND ⌀L M N O P ⌀R WITH T
SG1/SP1 100 35 15 100 61 230 25/30 40 35.5 8.5 80 60 84 10 11 125 150
SG2/SP2 140 50 115 120 61 250 35/40 69 41 10.5 120 100 120 20 13 160 200
SP3/SG3 138 60 15 120 61 250 50 69 53 8 130 110 67.5 20 13 170 210

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