Simple mechanical brakes


  • available in manual, pneumatic and safety versions
  • optional brake disc diameter in the range of 200-600 mm
  • production exactly according to your drawing


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Detailed specification

Caliper brakes are available in manual, pneumatic and safety versions. The diameter of the brake disc in the range of 200-600 mm or production exactly according to your drawing is also optional.

For controlled braking of rotating machine parts, the best solution is a combination of a brake disc and one or more brake pistons. RE caliper brakes are designed and manufactured according to the working conditions and technical parameters of your application. They cover a wide range of options to cover all customer requirements.

  • CX-NANO pneumatic brake pistons

    Air-controlled piston of very small dimensions used mainly in the automotive industry.

  • CX type pneumatic brake pistons

    Individual brake pistons are the ideal solution in low and medium braking force applications. Due to their small size, multiple pistons can be installed on one brake disc, thanks to which we achieve the necessary braking torque. The pistons are also available in a safety design.

    On request, we supply caliper brakes with reduced braking force to 10%, 16% or 40%, thanks to which we can achieve a precise braking moment for highly sensitive braking, which is used when using light materials or for perfectly straight cutting of material.

  • Pneumatic and mechanical caliper brakes

    We offer a choice of manually or pneumatically operated brakes, which, thanks to the high braking torque, can be used for effective emergency braking on any machine processing material on rollers. We recommend installing the brakes together with our PX type brake discs. When worn, the calipers are automatically readjusted.

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