Simple strobe lights


  • waste reduction
  • maximizing productivity
  • improving print quality
  • high color accuracy and image quality


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Detailed specifications

Real-time print quality control while the machine is moving is the main goal of reducing waste, maximizing productivity and improving print quality. The ReVision II running material belt viewing system guarantees high color accuracy and high image quality thanks to high-resolution CMOS sensors (3.2 Mpixel), xenon lamps with minimal brightness changes and 20x motorized zoom.

Technical parameters

Name Sensing area Movement Dual camera Zoom Memory
Giotto 37x50 mm man No 2x + 2x 1
Raffaello 75x90 mm man/mot No 10 times 1
Michelangelo75 75x90 mm man/mot Yes 10 times 8
Michelangelo100 100x130 mm man/mot Yes 10 times 8
Leonardo75 75x90 mm motto Yes 10x+2x 80
Leonardo 100 100x130 mm motto Yes 10x+2x 80
Caravaggio 210x290 mm motto No 10x+2x 90

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