Mechanical heads


  • robust body with high load capacity
  • the flange is always custom-made for the customer
  • suitable for most unwinding racks
  • simple, maintenance-free and inexpensive solution


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Detailed specifications

Mechanical clamping heads are among the most commonly used solutions for hydraulic unwinding stands. They are suitable for unwinding rolls with large weights on high speed machines. They are torque activated. As the roll begins to unwind, the output segments are activated, perfectly clamping and centering the sleeve. The fine jaws prevent excessive dust formation and enable the rolls to be unrolled down to the last layers. The greater the tension in the material, the greater the clamping torque of the head - the sleeve has no chance to overturn. The heads are practically maintenance-free, do not bind due to dust in the jaws, and work reliably even with steel or fiberglass sleeves.

  • Mechanical heads type S - Standard

    The most widely used model, suitable especially for the paper industry and machines for the production of corrugated cardboard, where rolls with only one sleeve diameter are processed. We offer versions from 70 mm to 12 "with the possibility of further modifications.

  • Modular mechanical heads type SM

    Compared to the S type, this modular model offers the possibility of a simple exchange of the head body on a flange with a pin, which enables quick adaptation to different processed socket diameters. This model significantly reduces downtime when changing material and thus increases flexibility and work efficiency. The load capacity always depends on the internal pin and the different combinations are summarized in the technical document.

  • Stepped mechanical heads

    The two- to three-stage body allows clamping of various diameters of sockets without disassembling the head. The design has a slightly longer body, but is ideal for applications with very frequent changes in the diameter of the sleeve.

  • Mechanical heads with sliding flange - Corekicker

    After unwinding the roll, the head automatically ejects the empty tube out of the machine using a spring or a hydraulic or pneumatic piston installed on the arms of the machine.

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