Side force activated chucks


  • robust body with high load capacity
  • the flange is always custom-made for the customer
  • suitable for all unwinding stands
  • clamping does not depend on the direction of rotation
  • simple, maintenance-free and inexpensive solution


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Detailed specifications

Pushing the head into the sleeve activates the extendable segments and the sleeve is clamped. This type of head can produce a moderate amount of dust, but has a larger range, so it will also clamp sockets with a larger inside diameter tolerance.

  • Standard design for one sleeve diameter

    Head for one diameter. Pushing the head into the sleeve activates the inner leading edge, which concentrically pushes out the segments and thus perfectly clamps the sleeve. Clamping does not depend on torque or direction of rotation, but on the magnitude of the lateral force.

  • Stepped heads

    The two- to three-stage body enables the clamping of different diameters of sockets without disassembling the head. The design has a slightly longer body, but is ideal for applications with very frequent changes in the diameter of the sleeve.

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