Circular top knives


  • made of very high quality materials
  • from standard 52100 steel to carbide steel
  • long service life, perfect cut and reduced costs for sharpening knives
  • different dimensions and types of blades


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Detailed specifications

It offers a wide range of cutting knives that are designed and manufactured from high quality materials, from standard 52100 steel to carbide steel. The quality of the material ensures a long service life, a perfect cut and reduced expenses for sharpening knives. Different sizes and types of blades are available, which ensures perfect cut quality regardless of the material being processed.

We offer the opportunity to advantageously replace the knives you use with our knives with a lower price and the same quality, or to make knives according to your sample or drawing.

We have most of the knives in stock, or we produce and store. We will be happy to offer you advantageous framework contracts for the supply of knives = LOWER PRICE - FAST DELIVERY.

  • Plate top knives

    Application = Shear cutting, for circular holders, for pneumatic holders
    Grinding = Single facet, Double facet, Double facet with internal notch
    Size = 62x40x1.0 mm – 200x80x4 mm
    Material = Tool steel 1.2067 (100Cr6) – Tungsten Carbide

  • Knives for cutting with a planer

    Application = Pressure cutting, for pneumatic holders
    Grinding = From both sides – 30 °, 45 °, 60 ° + Radius 0.2 mm
    Size = 50x25x4.0 mm – 150x70x3 mm
    Material = Tool steel 1.2067 (100Cr6) – HSS

  • Circular cutting knives

    Use = Cutting cardboard tubes, cardboard, glass fibers, toilet paper rolls, etc.
    Grinding = From both sides – 30 °, 45 °, 60 °
    Size = 70x30x4.0 mm – 1000x40x3 mm
    Material = HSS, Tungsten Carbide + coating

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