Knives for packaging machines


  • spare parts for Multivac, Tiromat, Dixie and other machines
  • we can make minor adjustments to the knives compared to the standards


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Detailed specifications

We supply knives for all types of packaging machines, we regularly send customers spare parts for Multivac, Tiromat, Dixie and other machines. Knives, stars and razor blades of standard sizes are normally in stock and delivered within one week. Do not hesitate to ask us for a non-standard assortment. Our knives are of the same quality as the originals, only at a significantly lower price. We can make minor modifications to the knives compared to the standards so that they fully meet your needs. We are capable of producing knives of any shape and from all common and high-quality materials, all you have to do is send us a technical drawing.

  • Multivac, Tiromat and others

    We supply knives for any packaging machines: MULTIVAC, TIROMAT, Variovac, DIXIE, WEBER, APEX, WEBOMATIC, MAŠEK, VELTEKO and others.

  • Punching knives

    The material of the knife is usually hardened stainless steel to ensure hygienic standards. They are mainly used for cutting films and plastics in the packaging and food industry. We will make the die-cutting knife for you according to the supplied technical drawing, the supplied sample or adapt it to the requirements of your application.

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