Manual cavity cutter


  • used for cutting very long tubes or tubes with a large wall thickness
  • the cut is made with a saw blade placed under the cut, which guarantees a very precise, clean and perpendicular cut
  • production of saws for cutting both paper and plastic tubes
  • practically unlimited wall thickness
  • safety is guaranteed by covers and two-handed operation
  • the saw contains its own extraction system guaranteeing clean operation


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Detailed specifications

The manual dustless sleeve cutter is designed for cutting paper sleeves in applications that require an accurate, straight and clean cut.

We insert paper tubes with an inner diameter from 25 to 152 mm and a length of up to 2000 mm (for the standard model) into the tube cutter. We set the length we want to cut with the sliding gauge. The gauge acts as a stop when scrolling. The sleeve is spun using two draw rollers below the cut point. The sharp knife is pressed against the sleeve using the arm and cuts it without creating any dust. Multiple diameters can be cut on one cutter using an adapter.

The cutter has a safety certificate.

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