Shafts for tubeless winding


  • suitable for coreless winding or for winding on thin cores
  • knurled clamping bars for torque transmission
  • ideal for foam materials and fiberglass


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Detailed specifications

Shafts with clamping bars around the entire circumference and full width are mainly used for coreless winding of rolls, or for winding on very thin cores where segments or belts could deform the core. After inflation, the wide segments extend, thus increasing the entire circumference of the shaft. These shafts are suitable for high thrust applications and are often seen in a flanged design. They are made of a robust steel body, wide aluminum slats and are mounted as standard in a one-sided woven design.

  • Winding shaft for very thin cores

    This design has clamping bars around the entire circumference that open when inflated and clamp the tube around the entire circumference and width. The shafts guarantee a high resistance to twisting, so it is possible to wind them with a high tension.

  • Shaft for tubeless winding

    This design has all the expansion bars that increase the diameter of the shaft, except for one bar that is firmly bolted to the body and does not move. The beginning of the material is placed under this bar and with the help of a rubber clamping band it is attached very firmly under it. Subsequently, the material can be wound onto the enlarged body and after winding the core can be pulled from the shaft.

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