Durable shafts


  • very durable and strong shaft construction
  • the strong rubber-textile core inside the shaft can transmit a large torque
  • aluminum, steel and carbon fiber designs
  • output segments of hard rubber, aluminum or steel
  • possibility of execution as pneumomechanical shaft with 100% concentric expansion


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Detailed specifications

Shafts with output segments are often used in very demanding industrial applications, especially in the paper industry. They are suitable for winding rolls with high weight under high torque. The robust aluminum or steel body and solid aluminum output segments can also handle steel tubes. The shafts are equipped with a strong rubber-textile inflatable tube and a filling valve in the radial or axial direction.

  • Clamping segments made of rubber, aluminum or steel

    For various applications, we supply rubber, aluminum or steel segments to the clamping shafts. Steel and aluminum segments are characterized by high resistance and durability. The rubber segments are suitable for clamping the steel tubes and securing them well against slipping.

  • One-sided threaded shaft

    Mounting on a flange or pin in machine bearings. A bayonet mount is also common. It is very suitable for simple loading and unloading of the roll into the machine, it is most common on small rewinders, cutters and machines for the production of labels. The standard version is made of steel, because it is not necessary to handle it.

  • Pneumatic-mechanical shaft

    It serves for 100% concentric expansion of clamping segments. When inflated, the air pressure pushes the sliding piston, which mechanically prints the clamping segments using trapezoidal profiles, thus perfectly clamping the sleeve.

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