Lightweight aluminum shafts


  • high load capacity and at the same time low weight of the shaft itself
  • low price thanks to standard extruded profiles
  • simple and quick maintenance
  • cheap spare parts always in stock



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Shafts with clamping bands are among the most commonly used solutions in various industries. They are suitable for winding one or more rolls in lower torque applications. The shafts are made of a light aluminum profile or a durable steel body and hardened steel pins. The shafts are equipped with clamping bars made of hard rubber or aluminum and a filling valve in the radial or axial direction.

We always manufacture shafts to order - according to measurements or according to the drawing sent. During construction, we always calculate the unwound weight and speed so that the shaft works reliably for a long time.

  • Various designs of profiles

    Various profile shapes are available for an ideal combination of load capacity and shaft weight. Standard socket profiles are 2" (50.4 mm), 70 mm, 3" (76.2 mm), 4" (101.6 mm), 120 mm, 127 mm, 150 mm, 6" (152.4 mm) and 8" (203.2 mm). The specialty is a profile with three clamping bands and a hollow structure for extremely low shaft weight.

  • One-sided threaded shaft

    Mounting on a flange or pin in machine bearings. A bayonet mount is also common. It is suitable for simple loading and unloading of the roll into the machine, most common on small rewinders, cutters and label machines. The standard version is made of steel because it does not need to be handled.

  • Adapter with clamping straps

    It is a universal solution for customers who process rolls with several tube diameters. The adapter is clamped onto the shaft using a tightening flange or internal shaft expansion. It can be produced in any diameter and in any length.

  • Pneumatic shaft for clamping the lower knives

    Steel shaft with low runout, manufactured with the highest precision. The body is usually galvanized, made in tolerance f7 for easy movement of the lower knives and at the same time high stability after clamping.

  • Inflatable tambours for the paper industry

    Tambory brings the advantage of perfect winding or unwinding of large rolls in the paper industry at very high speeds. They are equipped with a special self-centering system with metal centering bars and rubber bars for torque transmission. The body can be made from a wide range of steels and light alloys.

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