Rewinding rollers


  • application with delicate materials
  • very low moment of inertia
  • low rolling resistance
  • also suitable for applications with a large material width
  • high resistance to deflection even under high loads


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Detailed specifications

Rollers are used extensively in delicate material applications (such as carbon fiber winding) mainly due to their very low moment of inertia and low rolling resistance. Thanks to the ribbed construction, they are also suitable for applications with a large width of material, where they offer high resistance to deflection even under high loads.

We supply a wide range of guide rollers and aluminum profiles for all industrial applications. We offer profiles up to a length of 6 meters (anodized, straightened, deburred - butted on the faces), or we can deliver complete cylinders based on your requirements (storage, material tension, speed of rotation, etc.).

  • 3RC profile

    Our profiles are made of one outer and one inner tube, connected by means of six radial ribs. Our profile provides the ideal ratio between deflection (according to load) and inertia.

  • Cylinders with internal bearings

    The ball bearings are placed between the profile and the supporting fixed shaft that passes through the entire body. The C3, Z and ZZ type ball bearings are lubricated with a special grease, which leads to a further reduction in torque and also to a reduction in noise (without affecting product life) compared to the standard type.

  • Cylinders with fixed pins

    The cylinder pin is firmly connected to the aluminum body. Bearings for rotation are designed by the customer and are most often placed on the frame of the machine. According to your drawing, the pin can be machined into the final shape as needed. These cylinders are slightly cheaper and take less time to produce.

  • Special surface treatments

    • Elox, Teflon, Plasma coating, etc.
    • machining spiral grooves for air removal
    • drilling holes for the vacuum system
    • spiral installation

Technical parameters

ProfileMaterialOuter øInternal øWeight per meterWall thicknessSurface finishSurface roughness
3RC48 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 48.3 mm 27 mm 1.2 kg 1.5 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC60 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 60 mm 31 mm 1.8 kg 1.8 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC80 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 81 mm 40 mm 3.2 kg 2.5 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC100 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 100 mm 45 mm 5.3 kg 3.5 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC120 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 121 mm 60 mm 6.5 kg 4.5 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC130 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 130 mm 70 mm 10.6 kg 6.5 mm without Ra 0.8
3RC145 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 145 mm 70 mm 9.3 kg 4 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8
3RC200 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 201 mm 106 mm 16.5 kg 5 mm Anodization 15 μm Ra 0.8-1.2
3RC230 Aluminum AGS 6060 T5 230 mm 152 mm 18.9 kg 5 mm without Ra 0.8-1.2

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