Control units for regulation


  • for regulating the tension in the web of paper, plastic and all kinds of rewound materials
  • versatility, reliability and maximum efficiency
  • simple calibration and use
  • compact dimensions


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Detailed specifications

In cooperation with our supplier, we design and manufacture tension regulators for tension regulation in paper, plastic and all kinds of rewound materials. Versatility, reliability and maximum efficiency, together with simple calibration and use, compact dimensions and low price, are the main features that have allowed RE brand thrust controllers to succeed over the years all over the world.

  • T-one regulator

    A specially designed regulator for regulating the tension of the material belt in a closed loop. The main advantages of the controller are its compact design and extremely simple use and adjustment.
    T-one: Tension control using torque control with strain gauges or dancer; tension control using speed control with strain gauges.
    T-one FPM: Tension control by torque control with strain gauges or dancer and roll diameter sensor.
    T-one SEL-XP: Combined traction control using torque control with strain gauges or dancer in applications that require modular air brake control.
    T-one 28: Torque / speed tension control with strain gauges or dancer for powered unwinding / winding stands.
    T-one ULS: Traction control using torque control with an open-loop roll diameter sensor.

  • T-two regulator

    It is a digital control system for automatic regulation of material tension. The core of the system is a new PID algorithm specially designed for critical systems stabilization techniques.
    T-TWO standard: it is suitable for controlling the tension of the material using the torque control of the unwinding brake and the signal from the strain gauges or the dancer.
    T-TWO LB: is a version developed for SPLICER systems. The roll in the resting position is regulated by a fixed moment, while the processed roll is regulated according to the set parameters.

  • US.3 ultrasonic roll diameter detection sensor

    It is standardly used for open loop traction control in cooperation with a pneumatic brake, clutch or motor.
    The US.3 features a simple interface with an ice strip and two buttons. Easy to use and install, economical and accurate. The US.3 is the ideal solution for sheeters, cutters and bag machines.

  • LEO

    A microprocessor controlled digital current regulator that is very versatile, compact, reliable and accurate. It can be used as a current regulator in closed-loop systems or as a voltage regulator in closed-loop and open-loop systems.
    In closed-loop systems it functions as a proportional derivative voltage regulator with a dance roller and potentiometer, while in open-loop systems it is combined with a probe (servo diameter) or potentiometer.
    With the ability to cancel any residual magnetism, the Leo is also capable of handling low torque applications.

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