Regulation using strain gauges


  • accurate detection of material stress
  • perfect fabric tension
  • a wide range of load cells with tensometric technology guarantees accuracy and reliability for all kinds of applications
  • available for loads from 50 N to 30000 N


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Detailed specifications

Accurate recognition of material tension is the first step to achieving perfect fabric tension. Our wide range of load cells with strain gauge technology guarantees accuracy and reliability for all kinds of applications.

In addition to flange, shaft and basic sensors, we also offer sensing rollers, cantilever, compression and tension sensors. They are available for loads from 50 N to 30000 N.

  • CF strain gauges

    The most widespread and frequently used devices in the processing industry are available in a range of models for loads ranging from 50 to 25000 N. The output of the strain gauges is available as a voltage in mV or a current of 4 - 20 mA. CF represents the fastest and cheapest system for measuring and controlling the tension of materials.

  • CK strain gauges

    Compact, versatile and reliable. These strain gauges are used for through shaft application. CK through shaft strain gauges are available with loads from 250 to 30000 N and in special designs for use in high humidity or vacuum environments.

  • Strain gauges CB

    Foot strain gauges CB are the ideal solution for detecting material tension, because they can measure without the influence of other forces, such as the weight of the guide cylinder, supports, etc. The structure of CB strain gauges allows to exclude tare mechanically. In addition, strain gauges offer high resistance to vibration and overload. CB strain gauges are typically used on paper machines, super calendering and rolling machines, but also in plants where the material must be handled with extreme care.

  • CPF pickup roller

    Robust, accurate, easy-to-use and calibrated, the CPF sensing cylinder enables accurate detection of fabric tension, as the cylinder weight and material position do not affect the reading. The cylinder is fixed on one side only. The CPF is available with a display on the front of the cylinder, for easy sensor calibration and control, and in a version without an integrated amplifier and display. Thanks to its special design, the CPF sensor can withstand overloads up to 10 times the maximum load and is stable against changes in temperature, pressure and humidity. It is available with a cylinder length range from 250mm to 600mm and with or without an integrated amplifier.

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