Ultrasonic washer


  • part of the anilox roll service
  • effective and gentle cleaning
  • for washing water-based and UV paints
  • duration of cleaning 15-30 minutes


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For effective and gentle cleaning of raster cylinders, we offer as part of the service an ultrasonic washer, individually designed for the specific maintenance needs of this product. The cleaning process in this dishwasher is short and gentle at the same time, thus contributing to extending the life of the cylinders. Perfectly cleaned cylinders are ready for use after only 15 - 30 minutes.

The ultrasonic cylinder washer is suitable for washing water-based and UV paints. The dishwasher has the ability to control both the temperature and the washing time. The gas extraction function also contributes to greater efficiency.

As part of the dishwasher's equipment, we also offer appropriate washing chemicals.

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